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Welcome to Backyard Train Company.  We are located in Denver Colorado and build 1" scale
4.75" track gauge and 1.5" scale 7.25/7.5" track gauge rideable all-steel electric diesel locomotives
and riding stock.

We cater to the live steam hobby industry and model railroad enthusiasts who enjoy
running scale model trains, building or maintaining a model RR or even fulfilling that childhood
dream of being an engineer.

Big kids and kids are welcome...

If you have ever dreamt about owning your own rideable backyard railroad or running
a locomotive at your local club we can make that happen...

We'd like to say we build models and not just trains:
Our models are all CAD designed after real prototypes and incorporate many scale details 
like die-cast latches, fully sprung trucks and traction motors like our AAR type trucks below.
We are utilizing the newest laser sintering technology to create many scale details on our
models like exhaust stacks, hinges and even grab rails.  

Drive Systems:
Our 24v drive system is designed in house and utilizes modern hi-freq regenerative
braking speed control for long life, almost silent operation and is used exclusively on all our trains.
It is MU-capable as well. 

We have a few new diesels available so please inquire. Our SW-1200 switcher and GP series diesels
shown below are now available. Please contact us below for pricing or with any questions. We are looking
forward to providing your next locomotive. 

B.Y.T.Co. News-

We are excited to announce our newest engine to the family. A 1.6" GP-20 Pics and specs are below.

Added to the growing family of riding stock is our new all aluminum cast low side mill gondola.
Formerly offered by 1" RR supply we have acquired the patterns and are producing this gondola
again in Colorado. More info on our riding stock page...
An almost complete 1" scale all steel GP series locomotive in U.P. scheme.. 56.5" long pulling our new 60' High Cube steel boxcar...
Engine options include working lighted number boards and cast aluminum brake blister.
Backyard Train Co's SW1200 and GP-7 parked at St. Croix ready to go
1" Scale bronze bells are available now. $55 ea with 1/8" mounting studs. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery
1" Scale Bloomberg type trucks available now.  24v 150 watt motors 4:1 reduction with #25 chain drive. Sprung journals with
40" scale wheels. Oil holes in the center of the journals for the 3/8" axles. Nice for scratch building a locomotive
$1500 a set. Please allow 3-4 wks for delivery.
Newly redesigned 1" scale AAR type trucks; 40" scale wheels and equalized with dummy brakes. Fully cast aluminum with
integral cast brake cylinder. 4- 24v 150 watt motors, oil lite bronze axle bushings with flip up journal box lids. A fully TIG
welded frame. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. $1500 a pair

Now available: 1.6" scale GP-20
All the detail of the 1" scale GP-20 and more
All steel 14 GA body construction
Easily removable rear engine shell and nose units
Fully detailed cab interior with control panel and chairs
Directional marker lights and headlights
Operational ditch lights
Real window seals and 1/16 lexan glass
Snow plow
(4) traction motors @ 350 watts each
(4) lead acid or sealed type batteries
Steel fuel tank and tons of detail
120amp controller with regen braking.
PB11 sound system
L: 89.5"
H: 23"
W: 16.25
Weighs in at  525 lbs
Price: Please inquire
Contact Information

If you have any questions about our products, pricing or custom train builds please get in touch with us at 720-422-7432 or via the contact form below. We will get back to you shortly!
-Backyard Train Co.

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